Thermoplastic Fire Hoses

Technical Specification

Material : Made up of high quality virgin Thermoplastic Compound.
Reinforcement : High pressure Nylon Yarn
Bend Radius : Can work at a radius of 5 times to the nominal bore size as per BIS standard.
Working Temperature : It  can work at 150oF for short term and for long term 110oF.
Impact Resistance : No break easily. Highly impact resistant material.
Chemical Resistance : Good resistance properties with most of chemicals. Fair to good. It is resistant to acid, alkali and almost all inorganic chemicals.
Fire Regarding Properties : Our high quality Thermoplastic Compound has inherently superior fire retarding properties due to its chlorine content. Its ignition temperature is as high as 455oC, and is a material with less risk for fire incidents since it is not ignited easily. It is a self extinguishing material and dose not continue to burn. Therefore it is suitable for safety reasons.


  Size (ID)


  Working Pressure

  Bursting Pressure



  17 Kg/cm2

  51 Kg/cm2



  20 Kg/cm2

  60 Kg/cm2



  8 Kg/cm2

  24 Kg/cm2



  10.2 Kg/cm2

  34 Kg/cm2



  6.2 Kg/cm2 

  19.5 Kg/cm2 



  10.2 Kg/cm2 

  32 Kg/cm2 


Physical & Mechanical Properties of Hose


  1.3 - 1.32 g/cm2

  Tensile Strength (Lining)

  7 N/mm2

  Tensile Strength (Cover)

  5 N/mm2

  Thread Strength 

  8 GPD / Denier



  Melting Point

  approx 185oC

  Loss in Weight 


  Adhesion Between Lining & Cover

  2.8 KN/m


  5 Times


Criteria Thermoplastic Hose Rubber Hose

  Fire Resistance

  Fire resistant, self extinguishing

  Rubber is not fire resistant

  Effect of UV Rays

  Resistance to degradation from UV rays it
  won’t break down in the sun over time 

  Rubber is not resistant to UV rays it will
  break down in the sun over time 


  Light in weight

  Heavy in weight


  Long continues length

  Short length, no fix length


  Very durable

  Less durable


  Better pressure sustainability

  Lesser pressure sustainability

  Chemical Stability

  Chemically stable

  Less chemically stable


  It can be recycled for further reuse

  It can be recycled

  Abrasion Resistance

  It can outlasts rubber hoses up to 10 times 

  It cannot outlasts too long

  Clean Core Tube

  It’s core tube don’t introduce debris in
to the  inside of hose

  It’s core tube introduce debris
  in to the inside of hose


  Smooth surface finish, looks better

  Rough surface finish